Care for Your Glamour Gels

Glamour Gels® will give you the ultimate Glamour That Lasts. Glamour Gels® offers luxurious, long-lasting nails that are guaranteed to last at least three weeks—longer than Shellac, OPI Gel Nails, or other formulas that chip, lift, and peel. In fact, many of our happy clients are able to wear their Glamour Gels® beautifully for up to six weeks!

As soon as your Glamour Gels® Specialist applies your gorgeous color, your nails will be completely dry and silky smooth. No need to worry about smudging. You can put on your socks and shoes immediately. Occasionally you may find a bubble or rough spot on your smooth finish. You can ask your Glamour Gels® Specialist to touch up the nail, free of charge. Or you can easily touch it up at home with your
Glamour Gels® Nail File. Just lightly buff away the rough spot for a flawless finish.

When you’re ready for a new color, we recommend you contact your Glamour Gels® Specialist to have the gel professionally removed. However, if you want to remove the gel yourself, use your Glamour Gels® Nail File to file away the color. This 150-grit file was designed specifically to remove Glamour Gels®. Be certain to avoid the skin on the edge of your nail.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Glamour Gels® Specialist or call us at (888) 763-6444.

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